Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Creativity - Write It Down

Once you start getting ideas what do you do? You write it down. What happens when you have an incite? You write it down. If you get a solution to a problem, what do you do? You write it down. Writing things down is a good way to help remember what you come up with. It is also a good way to record what you come up with. One good way to write things down is to use index cards. Put one idea on each card. Put a title at the top. File the card by subject. You can do this with blank business cards as well. On a digital device you can create a new document for each idea or keep documents based on subjects. Maybe use a database program or even a spreadsheet document. Experiment and find a way to write down your creative thoughts. Then go back and read them. Find one you like, expand it, and act on it.

What do you think?