Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chromebook - Acer C720

When you buy the least expensive model on the market, you are not expecting it to do very much. That was my expectation when I bought my Acer C720. I originally bought it on a whim just to mess around with it. I used some money I had earned writing music and thus did not expect very much. What I got was way more than I expected. The Acer C720 feels as fast as my Mac mini when I am online. It feels as fast as my iPad 2. It is way faster than my iPhone 4. I also like hooking my C720 up to my Samsung HD monitor, keyboard, and mouse. When I do so I feel like I am using a desktop system. I used to have an old XP desktop and this is way faster. Plus the graphics and better as well. The battery life is amazing. I go all day without ever having to charge my C720. Now I don't use the system all day long, but I do use it substantially. I also don't charge it till I go to bed, so it is available for my use from 5:30 AM (when I leave for work) to 11PM (when I plug it in at bedtime). All this for $200! That is what is amazing. Oh, I am able to do all my computing (except write music) on it.

What do you think?