Friday, May 16, 2014

The Economy - Texas

Texas added the most jobs in the U.S. last month. Texas employment rose by over 64,000 jobs in April which lowered its unemployment rate to 5.2%. So what is Texas doing right?

*  First, it keeps taxes as low as possible.
*  Second, it keeps regulation as little as possible.
*  Third, it develops its natural resources as much as possible.
*  Fourth, it actively competes for new business.
*  Fifth, Texas is a right to work state which limits the power of unions.
*  Sixth, Texas supports the private sector as much as possible.

The formula for economic prosperity is not a secret. Provide a fair and just business environment and encourage private businesses as much as possible and you create economic success. Keep government as small as possible and encourage entrepreneurs. Texas is not perfect (no place is), but it sure is doing a good job of providing for it's citizens.

What do you think?