Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chromebook - Desktop

The desktop computer market is slowly dying, but there are still plenty of desktops being sold (100 million worldwide). A couple of manufacturers have jumped into this market with desktop versions of chromebooks. LG has an all in one version (like an iMac) that is selling for about $150. Asus has a box version (like a Mac Mini) that is selling for $179. I don't think the market will be huge for these models, but they will be good for one thing, making the competition lower their prices. I like that there are options in all catagories now. You can buy a high end Chromebook (Pixel), a mid range Chromebook (anything with an i3 chip), a low end laptop (all the other laptops), and now desktops as well. This shows that Chrome OS is growing and expanding which is good new for al of us who use it. The Chromebook market is growing and expanding and that is good news.

What do you think?

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