Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Economy - New Tesla Factory

Tesla Motors announced that it will breaking ground on a new battery factory in June, which will be the first of two factories the company plans to build. Originally Tesla announced that the factories would not be built in California, but would be built in either Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, or Texas. But having learned from losing Toyota to Texas, California is making an attempt to have at least one of the battery factory built in California. No solid decision has been made, but Tesla Motors has bought land in California that could be used for the purpose of building one of the factories. If the battery factories are not build in California, it will be another major blow to the once proud and prosperous state. Maybe California will learn that you can only go so far in taxing and regulating businesses until they pack up and move? I doubt it though. California's politicians are so arrogant that they believe California does not need the business anyway. Well, that's what happens when you are governed by fools.

What do you think?

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