Friday, May 9, 2014

Personal Improvement - Making Ourselves Miserable

One of the things we usually do is blame other people for our problems and misery. But do other people cause our problems and misery? The reality is that they don't. Yes people do things and stuff happens, but how that affects us emotionally is all our doing. People do not make us miserable. We make ourselves miserable by the way we think and the emotions our thoughts cause. It is especially true when we take things personally (they did it to "me"), or think what happens will be pervasive (this will affect "everything"), or that what happens is permanent (it will "always" be this way). To overcome this tendency we need to challenge what we think. Ask yourself if what happened is personal. Ask yourself if what happened will affect "everything". Ask yourself if it will "always" be this way. Another good thing to ask yourself is if what you are thinking is true or how do you know it is true. We make ourselves miserable by the way we think. Change the way you think by asking yourself a few questions and you will not be miserable any more.

What do you think?