Thursday, May 1, 2014

Observations - Hollywood

I find "Hollywood" very interesting. I like looking at the way "Hollywood" works and what is going on in the entertainment business because it is a bellwether as to what is going on in our overall society. I was just reading a story about the production of "House of Cards" and the state of Maryland. The production company of "House of Cards" is threatening to pull out of Maryland if they do not get higher tax credits. Maryland is offering $15 million in tax credits. "House of cards" wants $18.5 million. How ironic is that?. You can safely say that most people involved in "Hollywood" are liberal socialist. So why are they acting like conservative capitalists when it comes to tax credits? Now I don't blame any state for doing what they can to attract new jobs to their state, but when liberal socialist demand a tax credit and then want to raise taxes on the rest of us, the hypocrisy is amazing. If tax credits are good for "House of Cards" is it not good for the rest of us?

What do you think?

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