Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Future - Personalization

In the digital age, more and more products and services will be personalized. This is the natural progression of moving from the industrial age (mass production) to the digital age (personalized production). We can see this in the music business with more and more options being available not only in genre, but nationality, language, and instrumentation. The same will happen with movies in the near future. You will have many more options than just seeing what is playing at your local theater in the future. What about services? Amazon is hard at work trying to offer as many different delivery options as possible. Google is hard at work providing as many different services as possible. Apple is also working to provide as much customization as possible through their online store. Manufacturing will eventually be more personalized especially with the advent of 3D printing. What about government? This will probably be the last are to change since mass production is so well ingrained. It will change though. So how do we benefit from this change? How can we thrive in an era of personalization? How will the industries we currently work in be affected? All great questions to think about.

What do you think?