Saturday, May 10, 2014

Observations - Disneyland

My son starts his first day of work at Disneyland today. He is one of the fortunate few to be hired this year. He will be working on some of the attractions in what is arguably one of the premiere places to work in Southern California. Having had several family members and friends work at Disneyland over the years, I know it is not the perfect place to work (there is no perfect place), but you have to admit, it's not a bad place to get a job. Why?

* The starting pay is okay. It's higher than minimum wage for a low skill job.
* It's in the heart Southern California so the weather is good.
* You get cool benefits like being able to attend the park for free.
* You get to work at Disneyland!

I am a bit envious. This is my son's first job. My first job was in a small Italian restaurant busing tables (it was also not to far from Disneyland). He is going to have a great memory for his first job. Hey, maybe now I can get him to help pay for his schooling?

What do you think?