Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Internet Business - Posting

I keep track of the time I publish my posts on the internet. I don't do this formally, I just make a mental note, or I write about in in my journal, or I take note when I look at my blogging dashboard. I started doing this because I like to write about my day (which I don't post on my blog). Here is what I noticed. When I post something early in the day (before 8 AM), and follow that up with regular posts during the day, I get a lot more views. If I wait to post something (post after 8 AM), I get fewer views even if I publish more posts. So the lesson is, post as early as possible in your day and follow it up with posts during the day to increase your page views. I am going to keep track of this and see if it remains consistent. Who would have thought that posting so early would make a difference?

What do you think?