Monday, May 5, 2014

Chromebook - Which One?

I have commented on this before, but the subject keeps coming up, so I want to address it once again. Which Chromebook model is the best to buy? If you are looking at a Windows OS machine or a Mac OS machine, it will make a substantial difference which machine you buy. For example, I needed a Mac that would let me write music for a full symphony orchestra. I needed a machine with an i7 chip because my program (Finale) would not work well on something less. So I shopped around until I found a machine that I could afford and had an i7 chip (the Mac mini with an i7 chip worked perfectly for me). With Chromebooks, that is not the case. Since Chrome OS can't run much of anything other than web based applications, paying for a more expensive machine or one with a "better" chip probably is not worth the money. Once I realized this, I bought the least expensive Chromebook I could find (which happened to be the Acer C720). There is no real need to spend more because it will not get you more. Chrome OS will not do more with a better chip. It might be a bit faster, but is it worth more money to have pages load a few seconds faster? I don't think so.

This is what makes Chromebooks different from all other systems. They are designed to run only basic functions and be the least expensive system on the market. So I recommend that if you are looking to buy a Chromebook, save you cash and buy the least expensive model you can find. Paying more will not get you more.

What do you think?