Monday, May 5, 2014

Observations - Superhero Movies

Why does "Hollywood" produce so many movies based on superhero characters? The first and main reason is that they make money. Hollywood is first and foremost a business and thus making a profit is the main motivator. With superheroes, movie studios can almost be positive that they will make money (or at least not lose money). Another reason is that superhero movies are easier to market. Nearly everyone recognizes the main characters and thus there is little need to educate the market on something new. Also, it is easier to write a story and script when you already have the characters all worked out. You don't have to make things up from scratch (someone else has done that already). You just have to adapt the characters to something new, which again is easier.

I basically like superhero movies, but I am getting tired of them. I have not seen the last couple of productions because I can wait till I rent the movie or it appears on Netflix. The amount of superhero movies also points to an interesting problem in the movie industry. I think they have run out of stories and it is too expensive to take a chance on something that is not proven. So we will continue to see superhero movies till they don't make any money. Then what?

What do you think?