Monday, May 5, 2014

News - Daily Summary

Across the world there were no major developments today except in Ukraine (of course). The clash between separatists and government forces continued. A Ukrainian helicopter was shot down by separatists today. The crew was said to have survived. The were further casualties on both sides. No moves by Russian troops yet, which prompted one U.S. general to make a statement that maybe the Russians would not need an invasion to gain what they are after. Maybe the troops were on the border to help embolden separatists into action, which seems to be the case at hand. So Russia may gain Eastern Ukraine much like it did Crimea, through a popular uprising and referendum. Unfortunately this time the casualties are mounting. Also, Moldova, which borders Ukraine in the south west, put it's border on alert as a result to the unrest in Ukraine. The rest of eastern Europe is also experiencing an increase in tensions with the situation in Ukraine. This is becoming very interesting if you ask me.

In the U.S. stocks opened lower but then recovered on positive service sector numbers. Oil and silver were down a bit, but gold was up. Other than the normal amount of murder, mayhem, corruption, and trivialities, there were no new developments in the U.S.

Another day in the calm before the storm.

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