Monday, February 29, 2016

Nightcap 2-29-16

So much for there being a correlation between stocks ad oil. Stocks were down today. but oil was up. I'm glad I did not make that trade. The rest of the news today was not all that important. There were plenty of stories about the Oscars, which I am glad I did not watch. Not only did I not want to be lectured about race and all the other liberal issues, but none of the movies or people I liked won anything. Also, why is it that the movies people like usually do not win? The highest grossing movies of the year were basically never mentioned. Are the customers that ignorant? I think not and that is also one of the reasons I did not watch the Oscars. The other story was all about what might happen tomorrow in the Super Tuesday primaries. Frankly, it is not going to be much of a surprise. Trump and Clinton are going to walk away with the majority of delegates and will be in effect, the nominees for president. If that is not scary, I do not know what is! That was it except for the usual crime, mayhem, and disasters.

What do you think?