Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Talking to my iPhone

Just recently I discovered a way to considerably increase my productivity in regards to writing. I have discovered the dictation function on my iPhone. I just started to talk to my iPhone. As I talked to my iPhone it turns what I say in the text. At first I was not sure how this would work out for me, but, the more I have been using it, the more I have written. Though I considered myself prolific, I was not prepared for how prolific I would become. I used to average about 1000 words a day. Now, I am averaging over 4000 words a day. Turns out, I can talk to my iPhone faster than I can type. Now most of what I create using the dictation function on my iPhone is not useful in any manner but, every now and then I create a gem. This reminds me of an adage when it comes to creating. In order to create something of quality you first have to create a lot of junk, and that is exactly what I'm doing by talking to my iPhone. I create a lot of words that I probably will never use. What I do get to do is practice a skill that is helping me write more more useful things. Who would've thought that by just talking to my iPhone I would transform my writing life? If you have an iPhone (or any other smart phone) you might want to give the dictation function a try. Is it perfect? No, but it does put words up on the page much faster than typing.

What do you think?