Friday, February 19, 2016

Brain dump

If you have not noticed, my blog is basically a brain dump for me. It is where all my thoughts end up. Some would say that it is probably not the best way to build an audience. Why? Because obviously I am all over the place with topics. As I wrote earlier it is a good thing to focus on specific topics. I think I try to do that, but I am also just writing about whatever crosses my mind. My blog for me has always been an experiment. I am just trying to see if I can build an audience and maybe make some money by just writing about what I think about. So far I have not made much money, nor have I built a huge audience. But, I do have a small audience. I have made a little bit of money. And most importantly, I am enjoying what I'm doing. So please forgive me if I bounce around from topic to topic, but keep in mind I am just posting what crosses my mind. Thank you for understanding and for reading.

What do you think?

Just a note, I might be moving my blog. Why don't you visit my you site and tell me what you think?