Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Climate change

It sure feels like summer once again here in California. It was almost 90 degrees today. It is so odd to feel this kind of heat in February. I know that those who believe in climate change are excited to see this. They use an anomaly like this to prove what they believe to be true. I believe in climate change. It happens all the time. Sometimes things get warmer. Sometimes things get cooler. I do not believe in man made climate change though. I do not believe in man made climate change because there is no way to prove it. So called climate scientists are just making educated guesses as to why there might be some climate change. Should we cut back on pollution? Of course we should, but to say that we need to radically transform our way of life in order to survive his poppycock. I especially do not believe we need more taxes to fix the problem.

What do you think?