Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Continually surprised by my Chromebook

I am continually surprised by my Chromebook. For example, this weekend I attempted to watch the Super Bowl through AppleTV. Unfortunately, for some reason, the video feed was not working. So all I did was fire up my Chromebook, plug it in through the HDMI port to my big screen TV, and to stream the game through the Internet. Not only was I able to enjoy the game, the picture quality was outstanding, the sound was terrific, and I truly had an enjoyable experience. I was able to do all that on a laptop that cost me less than $200. If it is possible to do that on a laptop that costs less than $200, why are all the other laptops so much more expensive? I know that I lose some functionality by using a Chromebook, but I have yet to run across something that I am not able to work out in someway or fashion. My Chromebook continues to surprise me.

What do you think?