Sunday, February 14, 2016

Writing when you have nothing to say

For the last two weeks I have been averaging roughly 4000 to 5000 words a day. Now I do that mostly by dictating to one of my digital devices, which has enabled me to write so much. One of the drawbacks of writing so many words a day is that I usually run out of things to write about. In order to continue being as prolific as I have become I have developed a way to find things to write about. First I have a list of topics I like to write about. So if I am stuck, I just review the list and see if anything comes to mind that I would like to write about. Another thing I like to do is to surf the Internet and see if anything is worth writing about. The last thing I like to do, which has become something I do quite often, is to just keep putting words up on the page until something worthwhile materializes. I just keep writing whatever is going through my mind. Eventually as I keep doing this, something interesting does find its way onto the page. Then I just write about that. This last technique has worked every time I've used it. If you are writer and your stuck, just start putting words on the page no mater what they are. Eventually something interesting will appear.

What do you think?