Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Technological advancement

I was thinking today about technological advancement. Right now in 2016 it does not feel as if we are on the cusp of anything new that will be revolutionary. Is that an accurate perception? If you look back at significant technological advances you come away with an interesting insight. Most if not all effectual technological advances were not foreseen or were expected. Take the automobile. Yes people thought they were great, and a novelty, but did they realize it was going to transform society as they knew it? I don't think so. Take the airplane. Though there were several people working on making it work, no one thought it was possible. But when the Wright brothers got it together, it transformed the world. The same could be said of the telephone, the computer, and even the Internet. No one truly guessed that they would be so transformative, but they were (and still are). Maybe we are living in a time when no new technical advances will be made, but maybe we are not? Maybe just on the horizon is something that will blow our minds. Wouldn't that be amazing?

What do you think?