Sunday, February 14, 2016

Socialism does not work

Why do people think socialism is a good thing? Can't they see that it always fails? Look at Greece, look at Venezuela, look at most of the European countries. They are all falling apart. Why? Because socialism does not work. When the government owns a large section of the economy, and the vast majority of people are employed by the government, you quickly run out of money to pay for it. The reason is that there is not a large enough private sector to pay for it all. Everything in government is paid for by the private sector. The government does not make a profit. The government just takes from people who do. Eventually, there is not enough people earning enough money to pay for what the government is doing. Thus they end up going broke. Cannot people see that? It is clearly evident that socialism does not work. Unfortunately, I think people just don't want to see what is clearly evident.

What do you think?