Monday, February 22, 2016

Nightcap 2-22-16

There was a nice rally in stocks today in spite some terrible data out of Europe and elsewhere. Oil was also higher, which was probably why stocks were higher. Here in California gasoline prices are still falling, so it's great for us all at the pump. Tomorrow we have the Republican caucus in Nevada. Lets see who pulls off a win. If Trump does then he will have some added momentum going into Super Tuesday next week (I can't believe Super Tuesday is already here). Maybe we will finally get a break from al the pointless debates (unless of course you bomb and it costs you all the momentum you earned going into it - just ask Rubio). Besides the hand wringing by Apple over unlocking a terrorists phone, it was another quiet day (except of course for the usual crime, mayhem, and disasters). By the way, were we not supposed to get a lot of rain this winter in California? What happened? We have had hardly any rain.

What do you think?