Thursday, February 18, 2016


What do I think I'm immigration? My mom and dad are immigrants. They came from Argentina legally in the 1950s. Then they became citizens of the United States. Finally, they renounced their original citizenship in Argentina, just because they were so proud to be Americans. We are a nation of immigrants. That's what makes us unique and special. Yes we are free, yes we have a wonderful constitution, and yes it is all about liberty. But, immigration is also part of our story of success. That is, legal immigration is part of the story of our success. In the past we basically turn a blind eye to illegal immigration. We did so because frankly, we could afford it and we needed the cheap labor. Today though, we can no longer afford illegal immigration. We cannot absorb millions of people who have no skills, low education, no assets, and basically have very little to offer to our economy. We can no longer be the solution to poverty for the rest of the world. If we are to keep our economy healthy, we must control our borders. We must make sure that the only people who are immigrating to our country are the people we allow. It is a matter of saving our economy, our way of life, and the future for our children.

What do you think?