Friday, February 12, 2016

Chromebook and dictation

It turns out that Google has a dictation function on Google Docs, so I am not limited to just using my iPhone for dictation. I was not aware that Google Docs had this ability. I am using the dictation function in Google Docs right now as I write. I am also using it through my very inexpensive Chromebook. And one more point, it is all free (except for having to buy the Chromebook first). The great benefits of using a Chromebook is how inexpensive it is to do just about anything you would like to do with a computer. Here I am creating a blog post while using Google Docs and dictation. All of it is free to use. that is one of the best benefits I'm using a Chromebook. I keep asking myself the question of why would you purchase something more expensive when you can get the job done with a Chromebook that is so much less expensive?

One more observation. I actually think the dictation function here in Google Docs is more accurate than the dictation function on my iPhone. Here in Google Docs I am having to do a lot less editing to make sure everything is right. Now, I am going to continue using the dictation function on my iPhone because it's so much more portable. In another words, I can write anywhere I go using my iPhone, but with my Chromebook and Google Docs I am limited to writing only when I have access to Wi-Fi. But, when I can have access to Google Docs I am going to use this dictation function more and more. the reality is that I can put words up on the page much faster using the dictation function rather than typing. Plus, with the volume of writing that I do I do not risk getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

What do you think?