Saturday, February 13, 2016

Nightcap 2/12/16

The stock market rally today and it was up about 2% across the board. Oil had a huge rally today it was up about 10%. Unfortunately it is still under $30 a barrel, but at least it is not $26 a barrel. Also, oil rally on a rumor. There is no real news about a production cut. If a production cat is not forthcoming, then we're going to see oil drop it back down to $26 or $25 a barrel. And, if there is no production cut we might see oil go much lower. There was nothing else in the news that was important. Yes there was a shooting at a school in Arizona, there is the normal celebrity gossip, and the rest of the mayhem, and disasters that are occur on a regular basis. It was a quiet day to end a basically quiet week.

What do you think?