Sunday, February 14, 2016

Making money from a blog

I have had my blog now for about two years. Unfortunately, I have not made very much money from it. One reason I have not made very much money is that I do not have all that many viewers. Hopefully by publishing more posts on a daily basis, I will increase the amount of viewers that come to this blog. Another reason why I am not making very much money from my blog is that people no longer click on the ads. I know that I rarely do when I visit a blog or website. Maybe we should charge for how many people see the ad and not how many people click on it? I doubt that would happen because it would mean that advertises would have to pay more for the ads that they aren't currently running. It would also mean that Google would have to change its business model. I doubt that will ever happen. In the meantime if you feel inclined to support this blog, please click on the ads. It would be greatly appreciated.

What do you think?