Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Creating stuff is all about focus. The reason being is that everything that is created first begins in the mind. In order for something to become real it first has to be thought of in the mind. You have to make it up in your head first. Focus is how you do it. In order to start the process of creating something you need to bring your mind to think about only the thing you're creating. You need to aim your thinking on just the specifics regarding what you want to create. That's how you actually make stuff up, which is what creating is all about. Focusing your mind is not easy. What is easy is to let your mind drift off in a million directions. It is also easy to become distracted with things that keep you from creating. It also doesn't help that we have thousands of things we can go and do that will keep us distracted. If you want to create, work on focusing your mind.

What do you think?