Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Education in the digital age

Whole sectors of our economy have been changed as a result of the digital age. The music industry has been turned on its head, the publishing industry is completely different, and TV and media sectors are also be revolutionized. The reality is that the digital age will affect every sector of our economy. Is the digital age having an impact on education? It is, but it seems to be having an impact on higher education more than primary sector. For example, you can now easily earn just about any degree online. Just about every University and College has an online program. We are now also starting to see more more high school online classes and fully online programs. I think this is just the beginning though. I think in the next decade or two education will be completely different than what we see today. How different? I am not sure, but I think it will look much different than what we have today. I just hope it is better.

What do you think?