Saturday, February 20, 2016

Devices I use

Lately I have been using two devices extensively. The first is my iPhone. I use it like everybody else does as a phone. I also use it to write. I use the dictation function extensively during the day. it is the main reason I have become so prolific lately. The other device I have been using extensively is my Chromebook. I use my Chromebook to dictate what I write. But, I usually use my Chromebook to surf the Internet, do my basic computing things, and edit what I write. With these two devices I do 90% of my work during the day. I also use a Mac Mini to write music. And finally I have a Windows laptop that I use to do most of my school work. Part of me wishes I can have one device that does everything, and I probably can use one of my devices exclusively, but I have found that each device has a strength. Whether it is portability, or functionality, reliability, each device I use has a weakness. Or now then, I want can't handle devices at my disposal until something better comes along.

What do you think?