Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nightcap 2-19-16

Stocks closed mixed today, but had their best week of the year. Oil was a whipsaw this week and basically ended unchanged. Gasoline is much cheaper though (as I wrote about earlier this week). Besides the usual crime, mayhem, and disasters, it was another quiet day in regards to anything major or important happening. Tomorrow should prove interesting with the primary in South Carolina. Maybe we finally will have a possible idea of who the nominees will be? Or maybe it just will make things murkier. Supreme Court Justice Scalia will be laid to rest this weekend as well. How long will it be till his spot is filled? I did find it interesting that his death has not caused more uncertainty and selling in stocks. Maybe what happens in the Supreme Court is not that important? Or is it that greed trumps liberty and justice?

What do you think?

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