Friday, February 12, 2016

Moving jobs to another country

There is an article on the internet about an air conditioning company that is moving their manufacturing from the United States to Mexico. They are doing this because they believe it is the only way they will remain competitive. Is it a good move? If the manufacturing will be of the same quality, then of course it is. The reality is that it just cost too much to make things in the United States anymore. Also, you have to deal with the diminishing quality of the workforce. We no longer have the quality work ethic we had 50 years ago. Talk to any business owner and the biggest problem they have is finding quality employees. Are there better employees in Mexico? You know, I personally don't think so, but at least they are cheaper and that is what the company needs. This is another reason why we are going to have a very difficult time over the next couple of decades. Not only are there going to be fewer and fewer jobs because of the digital revolution. There will also be fewer and fewer jobs as manufacturers take their manufacturing to other countries because frankly, it's just cheaper. Things are going to be very interesting over the next 20 years.

What do you think?