Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Nightcap 2-24-16

Stocks opened lower as did oil and things looked as if they would stay lower for the day. Then oil rallied and stocks followed, so the markets and oil closed higher today. What a see saw it is! If I had any money to bet, I would just follow the price of oil. Stocks seem to be doing so. To bad I don't have any money to bet! What was interesting today was the Saudi oil minister saying that OPEC was willing to let oil slip to $20 a barrel. So is that where the bottom in oil will eventually be? Ouch! The only other interesting news was on the decisive win by Donald Trump in Nevada. Things are not looking good for the rest of the GOP candidates as Trump gains more and more momentum into Super Tuesday. Trump could very well be on his way to winning the nomination. Besides the usual disasters, mayhem, and crime, there was nothing else that stood out today. Lets see what tomorrow will bring.

What do you think?