Wednesday, April 9, 2014

U.S. News And Events - California Drought

California's drought has seen no significant relief and grows worse every day (especially with the heat wave we just experienced). It is interesting to note that California has turned to Israel for guidance. Israel is much like California in that it is mostly desert. Unlike California, Israel has dealt with this reality by building 4 desalination plants with another one due to open soon. As a result, Israel has all the water it needs. What makes me angry is that California could have build similar plants years ago, but decided to spend money on union salaries, benefits, pensions and a large welfare bureaucracy instead. Thus, when California needs the water, not only is it not available, California is basically bankrupt and can't invest in what clearly would be a way to ease it's water trouble. California could be the best place on earth to live, but it has been ruined by idiots!

What do you think?