Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chromebook - Enjoyment

I was wondering why I enjoy using my Chromebook more than any other device I own. I just read an article that helped me understand why a bit better. The article "Chromebooks and the Cost of Complexity" pointed out that all products improve over time and as a result, complexity increases. Eventually a product's complexity becomes greater than the utility a user experiences. Thus the product becomes less enjoyable to use. It also becomes more expensive in that the user pays for features they do not use. Chromebooks have less features than all other systems on the market. You can't do everything on a Chromebook. In fact, you can really only do basic computing stuff. But that's why I enjoy using my Chromebook. It's not complex and it does all I need it to do quickly, safely, and most importantly, inexpensively. Over time the features and capabilities will grow (as they have already). Hopefully the new features and capabilities will not impede my enjoyment or empty my wallet.

What do you think?

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