Saturday, April 26, 2014

News - Daily Summary

More interesting developments in Ukraine. There are reports of Ukrainian troops being positioned around Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine that is occupied by separatists. It looks as if the troops will either attempt to retake the city, or they are attempting some kind of blockade. Russia, which is not to far away, is protesting the move. There are also more reports of Russian aircraft crossing the border. Yes, things keep getting more and more interesting. In Venezuela there was a large protest against the government, but no reported deaths. In Syria the civil war continues as the government gains the upper hand. In the middle east there were no major developments as the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. North Korea has detained an American "tourist", but there are no other major developments. South Korea has suspended recovering bodies from the sunken ferry. Pictures have emerged from inside the sinking ferry. One of the victims managed to post pictures to the internet before the ferry sunk completely. No news on the missing Malaysian jetliner.

There were no major events in the U.S. today other than the usual murder and mayhem.

It was another day in the calm before the storm, but something is going to happen soon in Ukraine. You can't mass troops and have nothing happen.

What do you think?