Tuesday, April 15, 2014

News - Daily Summary

The Ukrainian government reacted strongly today by launching several military actions to remove occupiers from government facilities. There were casualties but it was not clear how many and on what side. Russia is warning that Ukraine is on the brink of a civil war, which they will probably use as a pretext for an invasion. Things are heating up in Ukraine. Venezuela is still in turmoil, but there are no new developments being reported. It is interesting to note that Coca Cola will take a $247 million loss as a result of the devaluation of the currency in Venezuela. So, what other corporations are going to have losses related to Venezuela? Israel and the Palestinians traded shots again today. Israel launched a satellite to spy on Iran. Syria is still a mess and not improving. It was quiet between North and South Korea, but it looks as if a ferry sank off South Korea and over 100 are missing and feared dead. The search for the missing Malaysian airliner still continues and it looks like the wildfire in Chile is under control.

There was nothing major in the U.S. today. Stock started the day down considerably, but then turned on a dime and closed higher. Not sure what turned the market around. Some speculate that is was bad economic news out of Japan. So bad news caused the markets to rally? It looks that way. Gold and silver were down and oil was basically flat and still over $100 a barrel.

It was another day in the calm before the storm, but things are getting interesting in Ukraine. Will Russia invade and cause the storm to grow closer?

What do you think?