Thursday, April 24, 2014

Creativity - Perfectionism

One way to kill creativity is to seek perfection in all you do. Seeking to make something the best you can make it is a noble endeavor. Seeking to make something perfect is pointless because it is impossible. Nothing is ever perfect, so trying to make something perfect is a futile pursuit. Perfectionism also leads to paralysis. If you can't make it perfect, you come to a screeching stop and get stuck. Perfectionism also feeds fear, a creators biggest enemy. Questions like: "what if it's not perfect?" or "what if I can't get it right?" all lead to getting stuck and blocked.

Instead of seeking perfection, seek to create something the best that you can create. Questions like: "does this work?" or "do I like this?" are good to ask. It is also good to have a hard deadline. Nothing beats perfectionism like having to get something finished.

What do you think?