Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Observations - The Arts In Education

Is it important to teach the arts in education? As a music educator it is easy for me to say yes, only because I have been in the business for nearly 20 years. But, I have some evidence as to why we should have the arts in education not from my own work, but from what my own children have experienced. My own kids were in band as they went through middle school. In high school though, they opted to do drama instead. What has been the result? My kids can perform. They have the courage to stand in front of people and deliver a performance (which can take many forms including band, choir, orchestra, glee, dance, acting, and even fine art). This is the most important aspect of having the arts in education. I strongly believe that employers want employees who can perform in front of an audience, mainly, their customers. They don't necessarily want employees who can take tests, which has become the main focus of our current education system. Does taking some kind of art help students get jobs? Yes it sure does. My son just got hired by Disneyland and I know that one of the biggest reasons was because he can perform.

What do you think?