Monday, April 21, 2014

Observations - Starbucks

How did Starbucks become so popular and ubiquitous? In my home town there are at least 12 Starbucks! Now that's a lot of Starbucks and they are busy all the time. So how did Starbucks do it? First, it helps that they sell a product that is a bit addictive. Second, they make a custom product. Third, their service is consistent. Fourth, they embraced the digital age. The first three points are self explanatory, but the fourth one I want to talk more about. Starbucks embraced the digital age by offering free WIFI in all their stores. They saw that people would want to go on the internet as they enjoyed Starbucks products, so they made it happen - for free. Then, they invested heavily in building an internet presence and a mobile presence. Then they partnered with Apple to offer free songs on iTunes and free apps as well. Take all they have done and it helps explain why Starbucks is so successful. What can we all learn from Starbucks?

What do you think?