Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Future - 3D Printing Houses

It is amazing what 3D printers can produce, but I was surprised by what is being conceived as possible. There is in the works a 3D printer that can make a building. In China an inventor has a working 3D printer that can make 10 small buildings out of quick drying cement in one day. At the University of Southern California they are working on a large 3D printer than can "print" a whole 2500 square foot home in 24 hours. Though the technology is not yet practical, it will not be long before they are. What are the implications? The time is coming when it will not be a good idea to be a construction worker. They will only need a fraction of them once this technology comes online. Hey, they day may come when you can buy a custom home online and download it to be built!

What do you think?