Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chromebook - My Experience

I have now been using my Chromebook for about 5 months. It became my main electronic device and has remained my main device. Most of what I do is basic. Everyday I keep a journal and write for this blog on it. I check and answer my email. I surf the internet and check all my usual sites. I listen to music and read books. There is not much else I actually need to do. I have an iPad that is not used very often now. I have a mac Mini that I use to write music on. I also have an iPhone that I use to stream music and as a hot spot. So my Chromebook has become my "go to" device. I am still pleased that it cost so little and that it also cost so little to continue to use. It would be great if other systems figured out a way to be so inexpensive.

What do you think?