Wednesday, April 23, 2014

World News - Ukraine

The U.S. is going to send troops to Poland and several other border countries with Russia and Ukraine. Russia is obviously upset at the move, but I think it's just blustering. The amount of troops the U.S. is sending is miniscule - only 600 in total. How does that send a signal to Moscow? How can just a few U.S soldiers deter Russia if it intends to invade Eastern Ukraine? The reality of this is that U.S. foreign policy is weak and indecisive. We can expect Russia to continue its campaign to destabilize Ukraine so that it can annex Eastern Ukraine. Since the U.S. is so weak, we can now expect China to make some kind of move against Japan and North Korea to escalate its provocation of South Korea. When the U.S. is perceived as weak (and it is weak at this point) the rogue nations of the world will assert their power and seek to take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately this usually ends in a major war.

What do you think?