Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chromebook - Still Worth The Price?

I was just looking at the price of laptops which seems to have dropped over the last few weeks. You can now get a low end Windows machine for around $300, which is close to what a Chromebook costs. So is it better to just pay a little more for a fully functioning Windows machine, or just stick to a Chromebook? I would stick to using a Chromebook for several reasons. First, a low end Windows machine will not be able to do very much. In order to use all the functions available on a Windows machine you need much more than a basic machine. Next, to do anything on a Windows machine you have to buy software, which is not cheap (or free like it is for Chromebook). Most people want to be able to use Microsoft Office, which is also not free on a Windows machine. Another reason to stick with Chromebook is that you do not need security software. I sometimes wonder if the whole computer security industry was cooked up just to make money. Finally, speed and battery life. Chromebooks run rings around low end windows machines and have awesome battery life. Even if Windows further came down in price, I would still stick with a Chromebook.

What do you think?