Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Future - Digital Age Business

Did you know that there are 75 million servers powering the internet? That is an amazing amount of servers and it is growing day by day. Microsoft has over 1 million online and Google over 900 thousand (and I am sure Apple has as many). Maybe one of the marks of a "digital age" company is the amount of servers they are using to power their businesses (they don't have own them)? If a business does not have some kind of internet presence, I don't think it will survive the transition we are going through. Maybe you can judge the health of a business in the digital age by how much traffic it is generating online?

To succeed in the digital age you have to be online. Why? Because that is the defining aspect of the digital age. The future is online, and if you are not online you might not be as successful as you could be. If you are online and your presence is growing, then you might have a very successful digital age business.

What do you think?