Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Economy - The Coming Storm

I think there is an economic storm coming. What makes me think that? One key piece of evidence is the amount of private sector workers compared to those who are receiving non-veteran benefits. Someone actually dug through the data on the U.S. Census Bureau website and figured out the numbers. It looks like there are around 86 million private sector workers. In contrast, there are around 148 million non-veteran benefit recipients. The question is, how long can the 86 million private sector workers support the 148 million benefit recipients? This is not a matter of who deserves the benefits. Its all about the math. How long can 86 million support 148 million? No matter how much the 86 million make, it can't go on forever. Also, the 148 million is sure to grow. With baby boomers retiring by the millions, the storm is coming.

What do you think?