Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chromebook - Getting It

One writer, Kenny Shar from Israel, gets the whole concept of Chromebook. He writes:

"Chromebooks can’t burn CDs, they can’t run Windows, Office or Windows specific software. You can’t detect exoplanets or discover alien life. On the other hand, with a Chromebook, you can boot in 7 seconds, spend $199-$299 on a laptop, never deal with updates (Chrome OS updates automatically) and much more. They aren’t packed with killer hardware and you can’t play anything more than casual games on them. But like things you buy at the dollar/shekel store, they’re practical."

That's the whole point, Chromebooks aren't the best system out there, but they are practical and they are inexpensive. That's the point. He finishes his article by saying:

"I love it! I’m writing this article on it. I think these simple laptops are going to make an impact much larger than their price!"

What do you think?