Tuesday, April 29, 2014

News - Daily Summary

Ukraine experienced more separatists actions today in that another police station was overrun. Troops are still massed, but no actions have been taken. There were also further sanctions against Russian individuals and corporations from NATO countries other than the U.S. tensions are still high. Venezuela increased the minimum wage 30% in an attempt to keep pace with inflation (as if it is going to help). protests still continue across the country as shortages of basic necessities abound. In Syria rebels shelled pro government areas inflicting many casualties as the civil war grinds on. In Iraq sectarian violence inflicts many casualties as unrest flares up. The rest of the middle east was quieter. North Korea is gearing up for live artillery practice in a disputed area with South Korea where the recovery of bodies in the sunken ferry continue. The search for the missing Malaysian jetliner continues without any major developments.

In the U.S. tornadoes ravaged the south again and there were more casualties as a result. There will probably be more tornadoes tomorrow as the storms have not abated. Stocks were higher today in anticipation of FED minutes being released tomorrow. Gold, silver, and oil were down. Last month home prices were up, and pending home sales were up for the first time in 9 months, but still off nearly 8% from a year ago. This is positive news, but not great news. Other than the usual murder and mayhem and the NBA action against the owner of the Clippers, there were no other major developments.

Another day in the calm before the storm (which seems like it will never get here till it does).

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