Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Future - The Workplace

The place where people work is changing. One change is that workplaces are become less "fixed" areas of work to "flexible" areas of work. Because of the internet and technology, people do not have to work from one fixed place. People can work from just about anyplace that has an internet connection. People can work from home, from an eatery, or from their cars. Another change that is occurring is that workplaces are becoming meeting places. Since people can now work from just about anywhere, the workplace is becoming a place to gather workers together temporarily rather that a place to house all the workers. Thus businesses do not have to have permanent spaces for their workers. They can rent spaces for meeting as needed. The future is going to be about flexibility, mobility, and temporary workplaces. How will this affect the places we currently work at?

What do you think?