Friday, April 11, 2014

The Future - Advertising

For the first time Internet advertising revenue surpassed broadcast TV advertising. In 2013 TV broadcast advertising was about $40 billion. In 2013 Internet advertising was over $42 billion. Though Internet advertising has not surpassed total TV advertising revenue (including cable, syndication, and local TV), the amount is staggering. Advertising has changed significantly as a result of the Internet. I think the future will see Internet advertising continue to increase while the TV advertising stagnate or fall. The reason being is that with Internet advertising you can know how effective your advertising is, it is active, and it is interactive. It is hard to know if TV advertising is effective, it is passive, and there is no interactivity. Internet advertising can also be much more targeted. You can also control your cost much more effectively. One more thing, you can reach far more people on the Internet than you can on TV. I see Internet advertising growing more and more.

What do you think?