Friday, April 11, 2014

Chromebook - Google Play

One concern I had when I started using my Chromebook was that I liked buying books on iBooks and music on iTunes. It turns out that Google Play took care of me. With music, I was able to upload my whole library of music I had on iTunes to Google Play Music. So now if I am on my Chromebook (which of course I am right now) I can listen to all my music without having to use another device (like my iPad or iPhone). With books I started buying new ones through Google Play Books. I started to do this because I noticed that many times the books are less expensive on Google Play Books (not a whole lot less) than they are in iBooks. Also, in using Google Play Books I can read all the books I buy on any device. I can read them on my Chromebook, on my iPad, on my Mac Mini, and on my iPhone. I can't do that with iBooks. Now if I could get Google Books to upload my library like it did with music on iTunes it would be perfect!

What do you think?